Father's Day 2013 falls on the 16th of June in keeping with the tradition of celebrating it on the third Sunday of June every year.

It is the day when children in most parts of the world thank their fathers for being their heroes, their pillar of strength, their super model and their inspiration!

Why Do We Celebrate the Father's Day?

Father's day 2013

The Father's Day was first celebrated on July 19, 1910 when the then governor of the American state of Washington declared it to be a day for thanking the fathers for the valuable role they play in every individual's life.

He did so to pay tribute to a large number of men (362 mine workers, to be precise) who had lost their lives in an accident in West Virginia in 1907 on that day. Since most of the deceased were fathers, the day when the state paid homage to these people came to be known as the Father's Day.

The credit for popularizing the concept, however, goes to Richard Nixon.

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It is today widely believed that the main inspiration behind the Father's day is indeed the Mother's day which had been celebrated as a national holiday in the US since 1908. Anna Jarvis, the daughter of an activist Ann Reeves Jarvis, once sponsored a service dedicated to all mothers in a departmental store in Philadelphia to honor her mother. Retailers and store owners realized the 'business worth' associated with celebrating this day and extended her whole hearted support.

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Within 3 years, 45 US states started celebrating the second Sunday of May as the Mother's Day. Infact, it went on to be declared as a national holiday in the USA soon.
While the Mother's Day got a tremendous response right from the time the seed was first planted, the trend of celebrating the Father's Day took some time to catch on.
It could probably be attributed to the fact that fathers do not have such an emotional appeal that mothers evoke. Florists, retailers, businessmen- all had their doubts whether the trend of celebrating THIS day would catch on!

Though it continued to be observed in some parts of the US, the hype associated with the Mother's Day was not to be seen on this day. Many, infact, looked upon this day as a mockery of the contribution made by fathers in a child's life and thought that it amounted to belittling their worth by commercializing the whole concept.

People scoffed at the idea of children buying their dads gifts, cards, mementos and flowers, etc from their dad's hard earned money! Seemed to make sense too!!

It was only after Richard Nixon declared the day a federal holiday in 1972 that the trend of celebrating it actually caught on.

There are more than 75 million fathers in the US today, and the frenzied public spends a whopping $1 billion on cards and gifts every year.

It would not be wrong to say, therefore, that this particular day was hugely inspired by the Mother's Day, which was already a hugely popular concept by the time President Nixon attached more ballyhoo and fanfare with this day which was meant to be a solemn tribute to the 362 odd miners who had perished after a coal mine explosion.

Different countries celebrate the fathers' day on different days. Some Catholic countries celebrate this day on Feast day of St' Joseph. In many other countries, it is now clubbed with other important national days.

Do You Want To Celebrate the Father's Day 2013?

The Father's Day is the time when you can take the opportunity to than you dad whole heartedly for whatever he has done for you.
Don't forget that he was the one who watched you in delight as you took those first baby steps, would willingly lose to you in a race when you were three years old, to make you feel like a super hero, would always be there to shield you from a growling mom, there by your side when you were heartbroken after your first date ditched you.

Wouldn't you want to tell him how much you love him for just being there?

No matter what corner of the word you are in or on what date you celebrate it, wouldn't you want to make it the happiest day of the year for him by showing him how much you love him?

It has now become a fad with the current generation to thank not just their dad, but anyone whom they place on the same pedestal as him on this day.

It could be the gentleman living next door who was always there to wipe your tears, your favorite uncle who has been pampering you with sweets and ice creams ever since you were a toddler, that teacher who made you realize your true potential, the stepfather who has been more than a dad to you or even the ever adulating grandpa!

If you think that any of these men have made a significant contribution in shaping your personality and you owe him a great deal, express your feelings for him on the Father's Day 2013.

How to Celebrate Father's Day 2013?

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Though you need to love and respect your folks every day of the year for all your life, this is one day you want to make your dad extra special and leave no stone unturned to make the day special for him.

So, how do you plan to make this day special for him?

I remember staying awake after mom thought she had put me to sleep a few days before this day as a child and paint a special card for my dad for this day. I could have asked my parents for money, but it was just the kick when I would get when I knew I was working on a Top-secret project that made the late nights worth the effort.
Lots of love would go into making that card, and I would thank him for missing his important meeting to attend my annual day at school, for always favoring me whenever my bossy elder sister and I had a catfight and for always giving me a little over and above my pocket money when mom was away!!
Though I do cannot put in that much time to draw a card for him specially now, this is how I plan to spend my day:

  1. My father has always been an early riser. Tough he has tried hard all these years to tell me how early risers have an edge, I just can't seem to open my eyes at the unearthly hours he wakes up- Now, 7am is early. Isn't it???I would want to give him a cup of his favorite mint flavored green tea with the newspaper in bed on this day.
    I know that will help put a smile on his face- Being my dad, he will, of course, know that this is not going to be a regular feature!!

  2. Since this day is meant to celebrate familial ties, I think it wouldn't be such a bad idea to invite the entire family for a cozy get together. I am thinking of inviting my uncle, my grandpa and also my brother who is going to be a dad himself soon. Though I am not sure of it at the moment, but I guess we could have a family barbecue or plan a picnic to the beach.
  3. After a wonderful day, I want to make the best use of my baking skills and bake a special cake for him. It might not be as good as that from the baker down the lane, but I am sure dad will relish my make more.

  4. I do not want to gift him the usual ties, socks, writing pads, pens, etc on the Father's day 2013. I have a huge collection of childhood pictures since my elder brother was a keen photographer. I have always believed that it is the thought behind the gift that makes ot more precious than everything else. So, I want to give him something that he will cherish and not tuck away in the drawer like he did with my last year's gift.

I have created this huge collage where we have some amazing clicks of the wonderful times we have spent together as a family. He will surely love watching all those pictures in one place and it will be a nice trip down the memory lane for the entire family.

For those of you are artistically inclined, you could try designing a t shirt, a coffee mug, or some designer stationery for his office. Better still, paint a portrait of him.
The poets among you could pen a few lines for him.

Singers can compose a song and sing it to him while he enjoys his dinner.
I want to leave no stone unturned to make my dada feel like the most wonderful and special person in the whole world. This is how I plan to celebrate the Father's Day 2013 with my dad.

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